Stonegate Landowners Association


Happy New Year to All of Our Stonegate Families!

Dear Neighbors;

Hope you are enduring well our winter weather!! 

Thank you to those who decorated their homes for the holidays  --  it really highlighted what a beautiful neighborhood we live in.


We have two new families in Stonegate: 

Shelly and Tim Trump at 112 Emerald. Relocating from Solon, they are self employed with two children  --  Matt and Tyler (12).   Phone: 234-380-5589.  Email: Trump029@gmail.com. 

Carol and Larry Neff at 124 Sapphire. Relocating from Hudson, Carol is retired from the Hudson School District and Larry is retired from Chrysler.  Phone: 330-650-4637.  Email: neff6468@aol.com 

2014 ASSESSMENTS:   Each year the Trustees estimate the budget needs and set a yearly assessment to cover those expenses.  We are completing that process and will be soon sending out assessment letters.  Payment will be due February 28, 2014.   There will be a penalty established for late payment so your prompt payment is appreciated. 

STORM WATER MANAGEMENT:   As an Association, we are responsible for maintaining the storm water system within the neighborhood.  Most prominent is the drainage basin between Ruby Lane and Jade Boulevard. Last year we began a phased program of needed repairs and are working with the repair Contractor to determine the second phase of the repairs for 2014. The focus will be the earth dams in the main drainage basin.  Everyone is reminded that the storm water easement through the community is meant to be undisturbed  --  to include the main basin and its three earth dams.  Please make sure you understand any restrictions (easements, wetlands, natural brooks etc.) your property has before engaging any changes.  The Streetsboro City Engineering office has all the plat records and can advise of any restrictions.  Your cooperation is appreciated. 

And please remember the 25 MPH speed limit throughout the neighborhood  --  we have lots of wonderful children to protect! 


Curt Newill                                                                                 

Member Communication    

Email is the fastest and easiest way we have to communicate quickly with our neighbors. We have email addresses for about 120 of our members that we use to pass along important information and notices (like the recent water outage). If you are not receiving these update emails, please send your email address to cnewill@aol.com so you can be included.

Seeking a New Website Manager

We are looking for a volunteeer to manage the Stonegate website.  Sandy Williams, after several years of service, wishes to relinquish the position. The software currently used for the website is called Web Hosting Hub and is very user friendly.  If you are interested in taking over this volunteer position and serving your neighborhood, please contact
 or leave a message on the website Contact Us page.


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