Stonegate Landowners Association


Stonegate Autumn Update

New President and Board Members


At the July 2015 Annual Meeting of the Stonegate Landowners Association, the membership elected Karen Rimmer as a new Trustee.  She joins existing Trustees Ron Rescek, Michael Bonomo, Phil Dudas and Rick Madden on the Association Board and wil be replacing Tom Lambotte as a trustee.

In September, In accordance with Association Bylaws, the Board members will elected the officers roles.

Contact for the Board members is:

Tom Lambotte:        tom@stonegate44241.com

Michael Bonomo:    michaeld@stonegate44241.com

Phil Dudas:              phil@stonegate44241.com 

Ron Rescek:            rrescek@windstream.net

Rick Madden:           r124967@windstream.net

Recommendations or questions regarding the Association should be forwarded to these officers and Board members.

We appreciate the Trustees willingness to serve the community and look forward to working with them to keep Stonegate a beautiful, safe and inviting neighborhood for years to come.

Tom  Lambotte, President                                                                                                                    

Member Communication    

In 2014, we started using MailChimp as our email-newsletter service, which is the fastest and easiest way we have to communicate quickly with our neighbors.

At this time, we have 147 email addresses for our members that we use to pass along important information 
and notices (like water outages, break-ins, special events, etc). If you are not receiving these update emails, please click on this link to sign up:


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